Winter Storage for Gasoline Engines

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Storing a gasoline-powered vehicle for three months or more requires some preparation to ensure it's in good condition when you're ready to hit the road again. Here are some key steps:

Fuel System:

    • Fill the fuel tank: A full tank minimizes air space, reducing moisture condensation and rust inside the tank. Consider adding a fuel stabilizer, which inhibits gum formation and stabilizes the fuel's chemical properties during storage.
  • Drain the fuel (optional): If you're in a warm environment or storing the vehicle for more than six months,consider draining the fuel and storing it separately in a proper container. This eliminates the risk of fuel degradation and potential issues in the fuel system.
  • Fuel:  Use a gasoline that doesn’t contain ethanol as it is a hygroscopic alcohol that absorbs moisture to the point that it can separate from gasoline. 

  • Brands Recommended:  Sunoco unleaded gasoline’s without ethanol and. PurFuels e-free premium gasoline. 

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